Astra pro license key free for lifetime

Astra pro license key free

Do you want to get Astra Pro theme ? then you came on right place we are providing 100% Original WordPress themes and plugins at just 20$ .Looking for best WordPress theme then you can see towards Astra pro license key free .

Let’s see why astra pro is best .

Why People search for Astra pro license key free ?

Astra Pro developers those are the same developers behind various popular WordPress themes like schema Pro convert Pro and even add-on a plug-ins for various page builders

you know ultimate add-ons for element or ultimate add-ons for beaver builder and more recently ultimate add-ons for Gutenberg Astra theme similar to other themes like general press ocean WP is a freemium theme that means there is a free version of the theme that lacks some functionalities .

premium modules and custom layouts and they also have their paid plans you can find Astra pro license key free for $59 per year and they also have their mini agency and agency bundles but here you will get cheap price .


Astra Pro price in themeforest ?

Let’s see Astra Pro price in themeforest .You get 3 plans in Astra. First Astra Pro, Second Essential Bundle and Third Growth Bundle, the prices of all three are very different.

You get Astra Pro for 47$ but we are giving you Astra Pro for 20$, the same growth bundle price is 249$ and we are giving it to you Astra Growth Bundle for 50$.We provide you 100% original WordPress Astra pro license key free .

Astra Pro Vs GeneratePress Which is best theme ?

Let’s Astra Pro Vs GeneratePress compare we can see here generate press is showing better results than astra in terms of speed the default file size for a blank extra theme is 50 kilobytes and for a generate press it is only 10 kilobytes so if speed is your main concern then we have a winner here.

Now let’s be objective here don’t generate press wins and speed it doesn’t mean that astra is inferior in fact if you compare the functionality and user friendliness .We are providing Astra pro license key free .

if you want to customize the phone and stuff you got to understand some css encoding otherwise it is nearly impossible for you to customize the page header easily you will need to contact the support team for help so in terms of user friendliness and features

I would say astra beats generate press now the reason why generate prayers do not have this function built in their premium plug-in is because they do not want to compromise their speed being lightweight and speedy is the main focus of generate press so you really have to weigh what is more important to you is it a speed or user friendliness .


How to Install and activate Astra pro license key free ?

First you have to install free version of astra then you can install Astra pro as a plugin .

  1. Go to WordPress
  2. Click on Appearance
  3. On top you can see upload option click on it and upload free version of astra .
  4. Now beginners can make mistake here so read carefully Go to plugins
  5. click on upload and upload astra pro plugin .
  6. Now Right click on appearance and select astra options .
  7. here you can empty box that says enter license key .
  8. enter your license key and boom your theme is activated .


Astra Pro Review

I’ll share with you five reasons I love the WordPress Astra theme and why you should too and as always you can find all the links in the description of this video

so let’s find out why astra Pro is a great WordPress theme and Astra pro license key free is actually more than a wordpress theme because it comes with a set of free and premium plugins made by the company brainstorm force first of these plugins is WP portfolio which allows you to showcase your work in a beautiful manner

so for example this is actually the same example that you find on the WP astra website where you can filter some starter sites so Fitness Health e-commerce so basically you can showcase your work and it completely blends in with the Astra pro license key free now let’s go back to the first example .

you can also showcase your website in a beautiful way so if you’re creating websites for clients for example you can have this gallery and show actually the website straight from your website and then it’s possible to filter and to change the view like you’re in tablet mode and you can change to the mobile view also and back to desktop so that’s really great to showcase your work especially if you’re freelance so that’s WP portfolio the second add-on is ultimate add-ons for Elementor and there’s also version for beaver builder .

so basically it’s a set of widgets that you can use to take your element or game to another level now I love the elementary elements of Pro widgets and the good thing is that there there are some widgets that are completely different with the ultimate add-ons for Elementor although there are some widgets that overlap what Elementor pro is offering but basically it’s always good to have options especially when it comes from a company that you can trust like brainstorm force .

I think they’ve been around for eight or nine years they’ve been elite authors on the  marketplace and then they decided to fly on their own with those those products but basically they trust them I trust them because they’ve been around they’ve proven you know that they can sustain a company they like good good and clean code .

I just like their work ethics so well in this world you never know but at the time of recording this video I can say that I can trust that company and it’s not the case for you know all companies around WordPress because sometimes you’re gonna buy a theme or a plug-in

Then three months later you know they close shop you know and then it starts something new and then they close it or some companies they will have like a new theme every six months so the they’re only going to take care of you for six months and then after six months it’s like they’re gone whereas bringing some force they only have the Astra pro license key free and then they have a set of plugins but those plugins or add-ons

They come and complement the Astra pro license key free as we’re seeing in this video so ultimate add-ons is great to extend the functionality that you can already find in elements or in elements or pro and as I said there’s a version for beaver builder and they’ve also released a free version for the  native builder in wordpress when you click on on a widget you can actually see a demo of what the the widget can do like here for example you can have multiple buttons on the same line which you can not do natively in element or for the moment at least

so yeah that’s the kind of things that you can add to your elements or game or beaver builder the next add-on is convert Pro and basically it’s an opt-in and lead generation plugin and these strong points are the fact that it’s a drag-and-drop editor it’s mobile friendly but we would expect that and it’s super fast loading what I what I really like about convert Pro because as you may have heard now we have the elements or pop-ups .

I love the pop-ups don’t get me wrong Elementor pop-ups is a game changer for me but for the time being I still enjoy using convert Pro also because one thing that I’m missing from the Elementor pop-ups and that may come in the future is the basically the statistics what is now sweet convert Pro is that I can set goals .

I know how many people reach those goals I know how many people viewed the pop-up I know my click-through rate and then I can make smart decisions based on that and for the for the moment I mean at the moment of recording this video Elementor pop-ups is just brand new .

there’s no statistics for the moment so it’s very nice you can do a lot of stuff actually a lot more stuff visually that then you can do here in convert Pro for a moment I’m going to use both I’m going to use elementary pop-ups for certain scenarios and for other scenarios .

I’m going to use convert Pro some of the other strong points will find it here is the multi-step pop-ups although I believe you can do that in elemental pop-ups to Andy a be testing and that we don’t have yet natively in elements or pop-ups a.

I like a be testing because when you really want to know what works you cannot only rely on your gut feeling you need to have some figures if you have enough traffic then a be testing is great because it can help you although there are some rules to do a/b testing the right way but that’s the subject for another video but still I like the fact that I have the option to do a/b testing in just a few clicks they also have advanced targeting .

another thing I like about it is the fact that if lot of integrations for a moment some of the providers that I could not integrate with some themes of page builders I can integrate with convert Pro .

for example if we look at my website as you can see here I have a banner at the bottom where I’m offering the website visitors to download my brain identity guidelines for free .

what is good with that is that I could achieve exactly the same thing with some other tools but we convert pro I know exactly how many people saw the pop-up it’s a pop-up actually how many people clicked on it and how many people reach different goals that I’ve set so that’s why I keep on using convert Pro

As I said I love Elemental pop-ups and I like to use both on different scenarios the next add-on is schema Pro and basically schema Pro helps you to rank better in the search engines and to actually tell Google about certain type of content articles reside course events books .


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